Halinka Orszulok is a painter and occasional curator living on the South Coast of NSW. Since obtaining her Masters degree from Sydney College of the Arts in 2002, she has regularly shown her work in both group and solo exhibitions.

A finalist in the Fleurieu Biennale, Fishers Ghost, Sunshine Coast, Paddington and Sulman art prizes, in 2018 Halinka was the winner of the Glover Art Prize with her work ‘Ponies’. In 2019 she was the curator of ‘Uncertain Territory’ at Artbank, an exhibition examining our multi-layered relationship to landscape as a conceptual space. Her solo exhibition ‘Black Bob’s Creek’ was shown at Wollongong Art Gallery in 2020. 2021 saw her curate ‘False Sense of Security’ for the Lockup, an exhibition questioning ideas and structures that underpin our sense of safety in contemporary Australia. Halinka’s contribution to the Cementa22 festival was titled ‘The Great Divide’. Her work has been collected by Artbank, Gadens Lawyers and the University of Wollongong.

My work is created by painting from photographs which I take at night. Night-time darkness activates the subconscious rendering the familiar strange and introducing elements of the uncanny into the landscape. The paintings deliberately reference the photographic, creating the sense of a stilled moment within a larger narrative.

With an interest in examining the role our individual subjectivity plays in our perception of place, my work investigates spaces that blur the line between nature and culture, the domestic and the unhomely, history and the present. Increasingly ecology, cultural identity and ownership are themes that I like to tease out in my paintings. The scenes that I choose to paint engender a sense of displacement, challenging our preconceived ways of reading the landscape.

Inherent in my representations of the landscape is an acknowledgement of the fact that there is very little of the world left untouched by humanity and that the word ‘nature’ has been redefined in the age of the Anthropocene. There is also an understanding of the important role that our connection to place has in reflecting and forming who we are.


2001-2002 Master of Visual Arts, Sydney College of the Arts

2000 Honours (first class), Sydney College of the Arts

1995-1999 Bachelor of Visual Arts, Sydney College of the Arts

Solo Exhibitions

2020 ‘Black Bob’s Creek’ Wollongong Art Gallery

2018 ‘Night on the Outskirts’ Flinders Street Gallery, Sydney

2016 ‘Bad Things Happen to Good People’ Flinders Street Gallery, Sydney

2015 ‘Swamp Motel’ Flinders Street Gallery, Sydney

2014 ‘Don’t Fall Asleep’ Flinders Street Gallery, Sydney

2012 ‘Wisdom in Hindsight’ Flinders Street Gallery, Sydney

2010 ‘Phantoms Of Suburbia’ Flinders Street Gallery, Sydney

2009 Flinders Street Gallery, Sydney

2009 ‘Springwood’ Boutwell Draper Gallery, Sydney

2007 ‘Melrose Park’ MOP Projects, Sydney

2005 ‘Unhomely’ MOP Projects, Sydney

2000 ‘Outside’ Newspace Gallery, Sydney

Group Exhibitions

2021 Artist/curator ‘False Sense of Security’, The Lock Up, Newcastle

2019 Artist/curator ‘Uncertain Territory’, Artbank, Sydney

2015 ‘Exhibit A’, curated by Carrie Miller, The Lock Up, Newcastle

2012 ‘Black, White and Colour’ Flinders Street Gallery, Sydney

2012 ‘330’ Gallerysmith, Melbourne

2011 ‘Composite’ Flinders St Gallery, Sydney

2010 Sydney College of the Arts, Painting Alumni exhibition

2008 Boutwell Draper Gallery, Sydney

2008 Toyota Emerging Artist Exhibition, Melbourne

2007 ‘Off the Wall’ Art Melbourne

2006 ‘Nigredo’, G & A gallery, Sydney

2006 Drawing group show, G & A gallery, Sydney

2004 Affordable Art Show, Melbourne, (with Bungay Art House)

2003 ‘Axis’, Bungay Art House at Shapiro Auctioneers, Melbourne

2003  Hazelhurst Regional Gallery, Sydney

2002 Sydney College of the Arts, Postgraduate Show

2002 ‘Dark Spaces’ Tin Sheds Gallery, Sydney

2002 ‘Young Artists @ Mary Place’ Mary Place Gallery, Sydney

2001 ‘Alone, but not just alone’ Newspace Gallery, Sydney

2000 Sydney College of the Arts, Honours Show

1999 Sydney College of the Arts, degree show


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2019 Fishers Ghost, finalist

2018 Glover Prize, winner

2018 Sunshine Coast Art Prize, finalist

2017 Sunshine Coast Art Prize, finalist

2017 St Kevin’s Art Award, finalist

2014  Sulman Art Prize, AGNSW, finalist

2008  Fleurieu Biennale, finalist

2007  Paddington Art Prize, finalist



Gaden’s Lawyers

Art Bank

Wollongong University