New show opening Tuesday April 29th at Flinders Street Gallery

Halinka-Invite-290414My new show opens on Tuesday 29th April, from 6 – 8pm. Please come along and pass the information on to anyone who you think might be interested.

Flinders Street Gallery
61 Flinders Street
Surry Hills
Sydney NSW 2010

Show runs from the 30th April to the 17th May. All the details on the invite at top left – click for a larger image. Images of the new work are available on the gallery website at and will be up in the gallery here after the show.

Here’s the artist statement in relation to this show:

In the past, my work has expressed a fascination for built environments and how they reflect back to us both our physical and psychological inhabitation of them. I am particularly interested in the transformation of these spaces at night, how their meaning may be altered by the subconscious associations night carries with it; mystery, danger and the possibilities of the unknown.

While out taking photographs for new work, I was lucky enough to stumble upon the aftermath of a joyride, which became the loose narrative focus for this current suite of paintings. The stillness of the spectacularly burnt out wreckage and the abstract patterns left by the ‘circle work’ told a story of intense energy and emotion that had been and passed. The skate park and adjoining car park becoming a stage for this performance.

It seemed somehow appropriate that this marginal activity would occur in a kind of no-man’s land in the shadow of a large supermarket. This deliberately destructive, dangerous act expresses a refusal to conform to society’s expectations and conventions – whether driven by testosterone-fuelled anger, boredom or some other displaced energy, we can’t know for certain. Without condoning the activity, it’s still possible to be impressed by the sense of intense energy and life force concentrated there in the burnt out wreckage and the skilful mastery and simple beauty of the circles drawn by the car’s tyres. I imagine the people in that car carried away by a momentary sense of ownership and power over the landscape through which they passed and on which they left their mark.