My work in SCA Alumni Show

I’m very pleased that two of my paintings have been included in an Alumni show at Sydney College of the Arts.

The show is called “An Oeuvre both Abundant and Diverse” and is curated by Brad Buckley. Artists featured in this show are Su Baker, Debra Dawes, ADS Donaldson, Julie Fragar, Beata Geyer, David Griggs, Billy Gruner, Kyle Jenkins, Lindy Lee, Stephen Little, Fiona Lowry, Elizabeth Pulie, Robert Pulie, Ben Quilty, Rachel Scott, Gemma Smith, Rolande Souliere, Jelena Telecki-Starcevic, Teo Treloar, John Young and myself.

You can visit the show until Friday 28th May at SCA Galleries. All the details here.